Building Security Solutions

Protect Your Business


Are you in need of a door access solution? 1st Business Solutions can help with that too. We are Key Scan and PDK providers. From one door to 30, fobs, keypads, or cards, we can design and install a solution that is right for you. No more changing locks and replacing keys. Install a digital door access system and keep track of who comes and goes in and out of your doors.

We work with all types of industries and their unique types of environments that may be a challenge to integrate. We thrive on these types of challenges to give our customers a cost-effective solution to protect their buildings and everyone inside of them. We will work with you on design / planning for current projects or future projects for budgeting purposes.

Our Security Services

  • IP camera systems with full integration capabilities for your business needs

  • Card access for your building facilities with complete integration with existing systems

  • Virtual Management software systems with no yearly recurring licensing fees

  • Stand-alone maintenance free storage solutions locally or through the cloud

  • Remote off-site management of your systems upon request for those companies who want the systems but not the day to day management


Stay Secured with 1st Business Solutions

Our technicians will make sure your business is protected and secured at all times! Request a FREE estimate on all of our telecom services. We also provide 24-hour, 7 days a week emergency services. We will help your business forward with the latest and greatest security systems available!  Give us a call for any and all questions and emergencies at 608-796-2222!